Our Story

At FABDST Dominion Limited, we deliver only the best in terms of real estate.
Behind the success and excellent story of FABDST DOMINION LIMITED is the C.E.O and his teams, who have served under major construction roles in the success of the companies.
We have trained our thoughts and actions towards quality and excellent value for engineering.

FABDST Dominion LTD is an Enterprise Development and people empowerment company, with interest in Real Estate, Business Consultancy, Financial Advisory  Services, Seminars and Training.

Asset Business Club (Jehovah Jireh Estate) is an initiative of FABDST Dominion Limited. Jehovah Jireh Estate was initiated as part of our mission to create strategic opportunities for people to experience business and financial freedom.

Our goal is to play a significant role in creative solution to poverty and unemployment problem by being part of the solution to the housing difficult in Nigeria. We work to ensure that everyone, regardless of their social challenge in Nigeria. We work to ensure that everyone, regardless of their social economic status, can be a land/ house owner.

Our strategy is to help you convert your Network into Nest Level. We have gone this far through a genuine vision, building trust and integrity. We therefore know that your relationship with us at any level will be mutually beneficial.



  1. Jehovah Jireh partnership is open to anyone who has drive, determination and perseverance to succeed and create wealth through assets and business  development.
  2. If, you want to convert their network into next level.
  3. Anyone that wants to control his/her life and financial future.
  4. Anyone who wants to learn the skills of entrepreneurs, rather than the skills of an employee or people who want to become highly-paid managers in the cooperative world.
  5. Anyone who wants to lead by teaching, influencing others to find own world of financial abundance without having to beat competition.
  6. Anyone looking for an opportunity to face his/her fears, deal with them, overcome them and let the giant in him/her thrive.